Clear Quartz Cluster - A Grade B
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Clear Quartz Cluster - A Grade B

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High Grade Clear Quartz 

This particular Crystal is Very high grade and very high quality, ethically sourced straight out of a family owned mine in America straight into my hands to offer to you

This master healer is perfect for attuning one's self to a higher spiritual level, filtering out distractions, cleansing our energy and the energies around us. 

Clear Quartz can be used for all Chakras and will amplify the effects of other crystals around it, making it the most powerful healing and energy amplifying crystal on the planet. Make Clear Quartz your next meditation partner for a more enlightened experience.

Make this stunning Statement Piece the centre of attention in your home by placing her on the dining table, coffee table or entrance way. 

Placing crystals in and around the home will create subtle changes in the energy of yourself and your environment.

Total weight - 1.2kg not including packaging

H= 6cm, L= 20cm, D= 13cm