Hey I’m Jem and this is my business Little Quartz Co.

I started this a few years ago and it fast became something I was obsessed with. 

I've refined my business over the last year to recognize what I truly love about crystals and that is simply their ethereal, magical and energetic presence. If you ask me what my favorite crystal is .... it has and always will be Clear Quartz, she is the master for a reason.

It's no secret either that I have a signature style of crystal that resonates with me which is the dramatic point filled Statement Cluster. There's nothing more incredible than walking into a space and feeling the presence of a Crystal that commands energetic and physical attention whilst radiating an incredible high vibration.

I spend a lot of my time forming relationships with trusted suppliers from around the world to bring you pieces that light me up. I consider myself a boutique Crystal shop which affords me the luxury of being extremely picky with my pieces, (I don't bulk buy).

I love giving my Crystals the first-class treatment by washing and cleansing them with Sage and Palo, so when they arrive to you they are in peak energetic condition, this is just part of the special service I provide when you shop with me.

I love hearing from my community how much they love the crystals I have specifically chosen and the emotions felt when opening their Little Quartz Co package.

 I am so thankful to do what I honestly love.

If you are just starting out on your Crystal journey or if you are ready to invest in a bigger statement piece, I’m here to help. I am passionate about matching you with high vibrational, ethically sourced quality crystals.

I would love you to experience the transformation in energy like I do from Crystals, and when you are open and ready to receive a higher vibration within yourself and your space, you will understand why you found your way here.




Little Quartz Co's signature selection of Quartz pieces bring elegance and divine vibrational energy into any space.

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